OJ Simpson Jail Fight

A still-arrogant O.J. SIMPSON played the celebrity card behind bars, and took a violent beating from a member of the Aryan Nation!

The jailhouse brawl ended with the skinhead inmate threatening to kill “The Juice,” a prison snitch who eyewitnessed the showdown told The National 

Now we’ve gone behind the scenes at the Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada, where O.J. is serving time, to get details of the incident.

The ruckus started after the 67-year-old disgraced football star jumped to the head of a line while prisoners were waiting for their medication, said our inside source.

That infuriated fellow inmate and Aryan Nation member, sexual offender Travis 
“Blu” Waugh, the source revealed.

Said the rat: “O.J. still thinks of himself as a celebrity who doesn’t have to follow any rules. That pissed off this bad dude, who told O.J. to ‘wait like everybody else.’

“O.J. challenged the skinhead and spit in his direction.”

With tempers on both sides flaring, O.J. reportedly said: “I’m gonna stay right here and your ass ain’t gonna do nothing about it.”

That’s when Blu slammed O.J. against a wall and threatened to kill him, snarling, “O.J., you’re a dead man!”

Prison guards quickly stepped in to break up the scuffle, said our snitch. They cuffed Blu and ordered O.J. back to his cell.

The 51-year-old Blu who’s 6-foot and weighs 250 pounds,was convicted in 2005 of “attempted sexual assault on a mentally challenged minor,” The ENQUIRER has learned.

O.J. was found not guilty after being charged with the 1994 murders of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown, and her friend, Ron Goldman. He’s been serving time at Lovelock since his 2008 conviction that included armed robbery.

For now, O.J. remains fearful Blu will try to attack him again, added our source.

“O.J. is so afraid that he’s no longer eating his meals in the prison cafeteria,” said the source. “He’s eating in his cell instead. When he does leave his cell, his cell mate, who is nicknamed ‘Smoke,’ usually escorts him.”

The only saving grace for O.J. is that Blu has a 
parole hearing in mid-April, said the source.

The snitch added: “I’m sure O.J. is hoping and praying that Blu is granted parole and leaves prison soon.”