O.J. Simpson Is In Trouble Again

O j simpson corbis

Three months after he took a beating from a fellow inmate, a terrorized O.J. SIMPSON is facing a new threat to his life, The National ENQUIRER can reveal.

A one-time cellmate has turned on O.J. and threatened to “whup” him after the pair fell out, a prison snitch told The ENQUIRER.

“O.J. and the guy, who goes by the nickname ‘Smoke,’ had been buds. But now they’re enemies, and Smoke has it out for O.J.!” said the mole, who works at Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada.

“Smoke’s been disciplined, thrown into the ‘hole’ because he believes O.J. ratted him out. He’s been moved to another cell, and now Smoke’s got word to O.J. that ‘he’ll pay – with blood!’”

The dispute between the two men occurred over Smoke “extorting” O.J. for goods at the prison commissary, the insider revealed.

“Smoke is a big dude, and O.J. was paying him for protection, letting him get whatever he wanted at the commissary,” said the source. “O.J. has a sizable amount of credit there because he receives money from his family and female fans.

“But Smoke was demanding more and more from O.J. for protection.”

When prison officials found out, Smoke was moved to another cell and disciplined.

“Now Smoke is intent on getting even with O.J. He wants to, in his own words, ‘open a can of whup a–’ on him. O.J. is fearful of running into him, and is crying like a baby!” the source said.

The incident follows another inmate’s headline-making attack on O.J. in March.

The prisoner, an Aryan Nation member identified as Travis “Blu” Waugh, threw O.J. against a wall after the fallen football star skipped ahead of other inmates lined up for their medication.

The 6-foot, 250-pound prisoner told O.J. to “wait like everybody else,” but O.J. reportedly shot back: “I’m gonna stay right here and your a– ain’t gonna do nothing about it.”

O.J. – who’s serving time for a 2008 conviction in a botched robbery of his own memorabilia – spat in Waugh’s direction, and Waugh slammed him against a wall before guards intervened.

Added the source: “O.J. was lucky he wasn’t killed that time. Now he’s got his former cellmate out for him. O.J. is just hoping he’ll live long enough to make his next scheduled parole hearing in 2017.”