O.J. Simpson Slept With Kris Jenner, Transsexual Lover Claims: Is He Khloe K’s Real Dad?!


 O.J. Simpson Slept With Kris Jenner, Transsexual Lover Claims:  Is He Khloe K’s Real Dad? 

Rumors have swirled for years, but The ENQUIRER has learned that mom Kris Jenner is about to be rocked with the most explosive allegation yet: According to a woman who claims to be Simpson’s transsexual prison lover, Jenner and Simpson did sleep together, and Simpson believed that he — and not Kardashian’s legal father Robert — could be Kardashian’s biological dad! Only Radar has the bombshell video of the woman making the new claims.

HIV-positive former prostitute Jazmena Jameson told The National ENQUIRER that she had several sexual romps with the disgraced NFL star while the two were incarcerated at Nevada’s Lovelock Correctional Center. In between the flirtation and alleged oral sex, the transsexual says in a shocking new video, Simpson made a jaw-dropping confession.

"I remember just as clear as yesterday, he would laugh about [the rumors he was Khloe’s dad],” Jameson said. “And yes he said he slept with] the woman [Kris Jenner], the mom and stuff … and she knows it.”

“I think that he thinks that [Khloe] could be his baby,” Jameson continued. “That’s just what I sense.” 

“But he probably doesn’t want to do no test,” Jameson explained.

Rumors of Khloe’s real father first surfaced with a vengeance last fall, when Simpson’s former manager Norm Pardo said in an interview that the truth “is going to come out sooner or later.” 

Jenner and Robert Kardashian, and Simpson and then-wife took their vacations together,” Pardo said. “There was a lot of partying going on back then. Kris cheated on Robert]. She was known for having a good time.

Did that include a hookup with Simpson? Pardo said, “Whenever I bring it up, he giggles.”

For her part, Jenner has previously insisted the claims were “an absolute lie and not true.” 

“I have never had an affair with O.J. Simpson,” she said when the rumors first surfaced.

Do you believe her?

WATCH the explosive video here: