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More Shame For Billionaire Jeff Bezos! Inside The Never-Before-Seen Texts To His Mistress

“I love you, alive girl. I will show you with my body, and my lips and my eyes."

Jeff Bezos Shared Wife’s Pillow Talk With Mistress Lauren Sanchez
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The National ENQUIRER has unearthed shocking new details and never-before-seen texts that disprove claims by cheating cad Jeff Bezos that he didn’t two-time MacKenzie, his wife of 
25 years!

As ENQUIRING minds already know, the back-peddling schmuck — who’s worth a whopping $144 billion — announced his divorce after this publication reached out to him for comment with its own scathing 1,321-word dossier of allegations regarding his ongoing affair with Lauren Sanchez.

A lawyer representing Bezos insisted that it was “widely known” Jeff, 55, and MacKenzie, 49, had been “long separated.”

BUT The ENQUIRER can reveal the Amazon founder hit on Lauren months before the announcement, right under the nose of her husband, Patrick Whitesell — a Hollywood titan whose entertainment company does millions of dollars of business with Amazon Studios each year.

Insiders insisted both families dealt with the illicit romance in the “fall,” but the duplicitous duo only confessed in late November — and now MacKenzie may soon be the world’s richest woman!

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Father of four Jeff fell for Lauren at a party for the movie Manchester by the Sea, which Amazon distributed. “You can’t fight chemistry!” the smitten CEO whispered to Lauren behind Patrick’s back that night.

APRIL 20, 2018:

Jeff wrote to Lauren: “I love you, alive girl. I will show you with my body, and my lips and my eyes, very soon.”

MAY 11:

Jeff wrote to Lauren: “I am so crazy about you. I hope I get to see you at the premiere even if at a distance. I have good peripheral vision for you … I LOVE YOU Wendy Lauren Sanchez from Albuquerque … You fit me.”

MAY 13:

“Ok, I am REALLY missing you. I want you. Badly … I love every quirk of you Wendy Lauren Freyja Sanchez … Everything. Good night, most alive girl. Sleep well and know I’m tucking you in. I fit you,” Jeff texted.

MAY 16:

“I LOVE YOU More than you could ever know and more than I could ever express. But maybe I think you do know. Because you can see it when I touch you. And when I look into you. And when I linger on your lips,” Jeff poured into another message, according to a source.

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JULY 31:

“I am crazy about you. All of you. I need to smell and touch you,” Jeff drooled in a text seen by The ENQUIRER’s source.


Sharing his wife’s pillow talk with his lover, Jeff texted: “MacKenzie dreamt I redecorated the bedroom. I kept doing it and it got weirder and weirder and weirder. Until I was sewing stuffed turtles into the comforter. Wife said: ‘That’s not hard to interpret.’”

Turtles in a dream supposedly suggest a period of slow progress in someone’s life.

A source noted: “Around the time, MacKenzie also started to use brighter lipsticks and wear tighter dresses to try and win back Jeff’s attention.”


Jeff praised Lauren for advising him to contact rocker Bono of U2 “for music permission. Your energy and ideas and competence and spirit turn me on,” he texted.

The U2 frontman and lead guitarist The Edge invested in an on-demand Seattle-based trucking firm with Bezos and Bill Gates in May 2018.

All of these messages raise serious questions about Bezos’ judgment as the CEO of the most valuable company in the world. One industry observer noted: “He’s like a teenager with his mistress. What could his board of directors be thinking now?”

According to a source who saw it, Jeff poured into a separate message to Lauren: “I’m in love with you. My heart has never felt safer. Lauren, my heart is so big for you, it can hold you and keep you safe.”

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The ENQUIRER tracked the secret lovers doing the dirty on their spouses six times in 14 days.


Lauren met Jeff at the Four Seasons Hotel Seattle. It is here, according to a source, that they planned to discuss their relationship with their spouses.


Hollywood power lawyer Laura Wasser started mediation for Patrick and Lauren; Patrick finds out Lauren is leaving him for Jeff.

Jeff told MacKenzie he wanted to separate but did not disclose all that went on.


The ENQUIRER contacted Jeff and Lauren regarding our investigation.


Jeff and MacKenzie released a joint statement announcing their divorce.