Michael Douglas Moves Into Kirk’s Garage!

Star wants to keep close watch on century-old parents.

Kirk and Anne Douglas in Wheelchairs in Front Of Their Home, Inset Michael Douglas in Suit With Catherine Zeta-Jones in Black Dress Looking At Them
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Hollywood superstar Michael Douglas is moving into his famous father’s garage apartment!

Fears for his 102-year-old dad, Kirk, and 100-year-old stepmom, Anne, have driven the Wall Street star back home to keep a close eye on them, said an insider.

Michael, 74, and his 49-year-old wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones, are selling two of their homes to spend as much time as possible with his ailing parents.

“Michael and Catherine are deeply concerned about Kirk and Anne,” the insider snitched. “They want to be there for them in case of any emergency!”

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Kirk, the once-hunky Spartacus star, has been hobbled since suffering a stroke in 1996 but has astonished fans with his longevity. The Hollywood great even survived a 1991 helicopter crash that caused a back injury.

But, as National ENQUIRER readers know, he had both knees replaced in 2005 and is largely confined to a wheelchair and battling age-related memory loss.

“We say goodnight and goodbye, but ten minutes later he calls and says, ‘How are you,’” Michael revealed last year.

Michael and Catherine, who did not respond to requests for comment, have refurbished the garage apartment in anticipation of a long, somber vigil there.

“It’s not fancy by any means,” a source spilled. “But Michael feels he needs to be there for his dying dad.”