Leonardo DiCaprio’s Latest Hollywood Hypocrisy

His Oscar-worthy turn as a two-faced environmentalist!

leonardo dicaprio hollywood hypocrisy
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A-list actor Leonardo DiCaprio met secretly with President-elect Donald Trump to talk about clean and renewable energy — but no doubt forgot to mention what a fuel-burning hypocrite HE is!

The National ENQUIRER has once again caught Leo pumping a TITANIC amount of carbon into the atmosphere — 418 metric tons over just ONE five-month period earlier this year, to be exact!

That’s the environmental cost of him tooling around the globe on his private jet. By comparison, the average American emits 20 tons a year.

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“No one is saying Leo shouldn’t fly,” said one fed-up source.

“But if he just took a commercial jet, he’d lower the carbon output enormously.”

Leo also produced a documentary on climate change titled Before the Flood that was released this year.

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One source said Leo gave Trump’s daughter Ivanka a copy of the film while meeting with Trump on Dec. 7.

The star’s Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation has warned the effects of climate change “will continue regardless of what party holds majorities in Congress or occupies the White House.”

But Leo should have added it’ll also continue as long as he needs to add his own ever-expanding carbon footprint to the issue!