Mike Walker

Nervous Leo DiCaprio Bear-Attacks Pasta Just Before Oscar Win!

Here’s food for thought on Best Actor Leonardo.

Leo DiCaprio Oscar — He Went On An Eating Binge Before The Big Win

Oscars Food for Thought! Even though Leonardo DiCaprio was the highly touted front-runner in his years-long hunt to finally bag his Best Actor quarry, “The Revenant” succumbed to an attack of nerves — and got caught eating like a BEAR!

Growled My Thespian Thpy: “Leo was so nervous about getting jilted yet again, he downed massive amounts of comfort food just before the ceremony! His appetite had no bounds, and he floored staffers at a BevHills eatery when he wolfed down not one, not two — but THREE huge orders of pasta! And he even took another 1/2 bowl order for an at-home snack attack.”