Mike Walker

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Youngest Fan

The Oscar winner made friends with a 2-year-old tyke!

Leonardo DiCaprio Fan — He Hung Out With A Young Child
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Leonardo DiCaprio??

Folks, my Great Gossip Award for “Most Heartwarming Moment By a Star” goes to … Leonardo DiNICE-io!

Power breakfasting at the iconic BevHills Hotel Polo Lounge, Leo melted when a 2-year-old boy in the next booth took a sudden liking to him, giggling and making funny faces!

Leonardo DiCaprio: Oscar-Worthy Hypocrisy

Leo waved back, so the tot — named Teddy — squirmed away from caretaking Granny, clambering into the star’s booth before she knew it!

Said My Polo Peeper: “When tiny Teddy started play-slapping his new pal’s arm, Leo thought it was hilarious! Putting his business meeting on hold, he played with the cute kid — who bolted back to his table, grabbed a huge picture book and brought it back so Leo could read it to him … which he did for damn near an hour!”

Aaaaawww! So DiNICE-io!