Rob Shuter

Kathy Griffin’s Last Laugh On Anderson Cooper

More fizzle than sizzle in CNN's New Year's party!

kathy griffin revenge anderson cooper
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Rob Shuter reports…. Anderson Cooper dis­covered CNN’s New Year’s Eve countdown wasn’t the same with pal Andy Cohen joining him in place of ousted comic Kathy Griffin!

The silver-maned news smoothie paired with the caustic comic for ten years before kicking her to the curb when the network deemed her toxic in May, 2017.

In a sicko stunt that played poorly across the board, Griffin posed with the mock decapitated “head” of President Donald Trump, and found little support in the ensuing backlash.

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“Kathy would work hours and hours writing the show and working on funny lines,” a source squealed to The National ENQUIRER.

“It was unfair to think Andy Cohen could replace that!”