Mike Walker

Matt Lauer Freaks Out Over Andy Cohen

Star puts 'Today' under lockdown after unsanctioned snooping!

matt lauer andy cohen freakout
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Mike Walker Reports … “Today” top dog Matt Lauer does not like the idea of people dropping by his office — when he’s not there!

Matt growled, howled and huffed like a wolf about to blow a house down after discovering staffers had left his office door wide open — allowing mega-nosy “Watch What Happens Live” star Andy Cohen to sneak inside and poke around his private grounds!

Sniffed My “Today” Tattler: “Matt found out because Andy — who typically can’t keep his yap shut — let slip to Matt that he’d sneaked a private peek at his pristine NBC window office — uninvited!

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Admitting what had ‘happened live,’ Andy ratted that the door was open, no one was around, so he just kinda wandered in for an up-close look-see!

Miffed Matt charged back to ‘Today’ and howled at staffers to keep his door closed and snoopy sightseers out!