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Matt Lauer & Al Roker’s Secret History Of Hateful ‘Today’ Feuds

Weatherman's wisecracks left 'thin-skinned' host bitter!

Matt Lauer and Al Roker acted like great buddies on the “Today” set, but sources said the disgraced morning host and the show’s upbeat weatherman had a relationship secretly riddled with bitterness and hard feelings! That was just one of the many secrets hidden away from viewers on NBC’s morning show, with Al quietly doing his job while outlasting both Matt and his other rival, former FOX News host Megyn Kelly! Al’s bad blood with Lauer first began flowing after the newsman was hired to work with the weatherman for New York’s WNBC in the early ’90s. Lauer later recalled: “Roker said something to me that I did not appreciate, live on television.” Matt had mispronounced Al’s name, and the wisecracking forecaster shot back: “Wow, not so easy in the big leagues, is it, pretty boy?” But, said insiders, that was just the first of many digs by Al over the years that “thin-skinned” Matt couldn’t handle…