Gimme Shelter!

Matt Lauer: Newsman Buys Apocalypse Hideout

Newsman preparing for the end of the world!

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‘Today’ show co-host Matt Lauer has snatched up a large lot in New Zealand, becoming the latest rich American to go ‘Down Under.’

It’s a trend real estate agents claim is a reaction to fears of a global meltdown!

Matt forked over nearly $13 million for 16,000 acres of lakefront land in the remote island nation.

Though he hasn’t revealed the thinking that inspired his purchase, a source revealed to The National ENQUIRER how wealthy Americans regard New Zealand as, “a favored refuge in the event of a cataclysm.”

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Translation: It’s a great place to survive a nuclear war, economic disaster or other uncertainty!

Lauer’s purchase follows on the heels of American billionaire Peter Thiel becoming a New Zealand citizen.

“We’ve definitely had an increase in American inquiries,” says real estate agent Nick Horton.