So Long!

Matt Lauer’s Wife Gets The Last Laugh!

Annette Roque’s love rival, Natalie Morales, is moving 3,000 miles away.

Matt Lauer Natalie Morales Affair — She Is Moving
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Matt Lauer’s jealous wife has finally succeeded in putting some distance — 3,000 miles — between her wayward husband and love rival Natalie Morales!
The longtime “Today” anchor is leaving the New York–based morning show for a gig with “Access Hollywood” in L.A. — and that’s sweet music to Matt’s long-suffering spouse, Annette Roque, who has been “insanely jealous” of Natalie for years, sources told The National ENQUIRER.
“Annette has been on Matt’s case for ages, (wanting him) to use his influence to pull some strings to get Nat off the show,” an informant dished. “She’s heard all the rumors and read the stories about them hooking up, and it’s been a festering wound in their marriage.
“In fact this prickly topic has caused so much heat between them that she made his life a living hell!”
As The ENQUIRER previously reported, Annette filed for divorce in 2006 while pregnant with the couple’s third child — amid rumors Matt got involved with Natalie while both were covering the Winter Olympics in Italy. Annette withdrew the paperwork a month later.
But rumors of an affair persisted, especially when Natalie announced in 2008 she was expecting her second baby.
“There was unbelievable talk that Matt could be the father of the baby,” and not her husband, Joe Rhodes, a snitch whispered to The ENQUIRER in 2010.
At the time, Joe told The ENQUIRER he had “no comment.”
Now, “Annette’s long national nightmare — Natalie Morales — finally appears to be coming to an end,” said the Lauer mole. “Matt will always have a wandering eye, but … it means one less woman for Annette to worry about.”