Lusty Matt Lauer’s At It Again!

Lusty matt lauer ne short

Horndog Matt Lauer has been up to his old tricks — flirting up a storm with a hottie while his long-suffering wife, Annette Roque, was nowhere in sight!

The National ENQUIRER obtained the shocking photos of the “Today” show star, who was attending a New York Rangers hockey game with his 14-year-old son, Jack, on Oct. 22.

“Matt appeared more interested with the beauty he was chatting up than the action on the ice!” an eyewitness told to The ENQUIRER. “His wandering eye was in fine form. And while flirting with this woman, he even made a point to pull her in close so he could whisper sweet nothings in her ear. The guy is such a cad — it’s disgusting.”

The ENQUIRER has reported that while Matt, 57, has crafted a pristine image as a doting father and husband during his glittering 20-year career at NBC, it’s nothing more than an illusion.

His marriage to Annette crumbled less than three years after their 1998 wedding.

In 2006, she even filed divorce papers — only to take him back! While Matt denies there’s any trouble in their marriage, he let it slip last summer during an interview that the couple live apart and only see each other on weekends.

“He’s humiliated his wife so badly,” added the eyewitness. “Maybe he’ll give her a divorce for Christmas.”