Jared Fogle — Pedophile Buys ‘Protection’ In Prison After Beating

The pervert Subway pitchman uses his fortune behind bars!

Jared Fogle Prison
Getty Images

Jared Fogle went from pitching sandwiches for Subway to pleading guilty to possessing child porn!

The National ENQUIRER has already revealed how the dieting expert has gained 30 pounds in prison since being sentenced — and now Radar Online has the scoop on how Jared’s Subway money is being used to buy him protection behind bars!

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The brother of the inmate who brutally Fogle in prison last week has talked to Radar in an exclusive interview about how the disgraced TV personality now relies on “paid protection” to keep him safe behind bars.

Jimmy Nigg told Radar that his brother Steven Nigg “couldn’t help himself” — and hit 38-year-old Fogle “5 or 6 times” at the Englewood Prison in Colorado on Jan. 29, leaving the kiddie-porn fan with cuts, bruises and a bloodied nose.

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“This isn’t the first time [Steven’s] hit a child molester — it’s just the first time he got caught,” said Jimmy.

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