Stuffing His Face!

Jailed Jared Gains 30 Lbs!

Pervy Subway pitchman Fogle was a heavyweight when he got in his prison fight!

Jared subway GLOBESUNDAY

Sleazy pedophile Jared Fogle — who made it back in the news after receiving a vicious beating in prison — is packing on weight since beginning his 16-year stretch behind bars, said jailhouse snitches!

Once famous for losing over 200 pounds by eating Subway twice a day, Jared — jailed late last year on charges of possessing child porn and having sex with underage prostitutes — has gained 30 pounds just THREE months into his sentence.

Fellow inmates at Colorado Federal Correctional Facility say Fogle, 38, has been cramming candy into his mouth in the dining hall.

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“He loves ‘cake day’ in the dining hall — twice a week. And he buys Honey Buns by the box, as well as other pastries,” said an inmate. “He’s been known to eat an entire box of eight at one sitting!”