Cold Shoulder!

Brad Pitt To Kate Hudson: Buzz Off

Heartbroken husband turns down desperate actress's advances!

brad pitt kate hudson dating

Kate Hudson is hopping mad after she made a tacky, public play for hunky Brad Pitt — and he turned her down cold!

“Brad called to let her know it was never going to happen,” blabs a spy.

Following his ugly split with Angelina Jolie, Kate has been hot to trot for the “Allied” star and shamelessly pursued him.

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“She has been texting him a lot,” confides the source. “She has been suggesting they get together and have coffee at her house or just hang out, and he keeps saying no thanks.”

Kate was so gaga for Brad, she gushed to Howard Stern: “You know what I really want right now? … I just want someone really hot! … I think Brad is very, very handsome.”

Then her brother Oliver Hudson joked that Brad was living at Kate’s house, and her mom, Goldie Hawn, refused to deny Kate and Brad were dating.

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Finally, fed-up Brad called Kate and said “he doesn’t want to date anyone right now and he’s worried that a public romance will affect his custody arrangement with his six kids,” says the source.

A rep for Pitt says the star hasn’t talked to Kate in a year. But our mole insists: “He was polite, but Kate was fuming. She can’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want to date her!” Maybe it’s her failed marriage, broken engagement or high-profile flings.