Mike Walker

Kate Hudson & Pals Caught Snap-Flashing Naked Guys

She got an eyeful over a bawdy good time!

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Mike Walker Reports… Talk about grrrls makin’ a d**k move!!

Triggering gasps and raised eyebrows among fellow diners at a ritzy Malibu nightspot, Kate Hudson and a gaggle of giddy, giggly, girly- pals brought down (or sexed up?) the house after whipping out and passing around a very special cellphone!

Goldie Hawn Tans — While Daughter Kate Burns Up Over Amy Schumer!

The device drew gasps with racy, in-your-face close-up snaps of male junk, triggering hysterical howls and shrieks like “Hot Dawg!”… “That can’t be real!!”

Giggled My Girly-Spy: “Kate and her girlfriends were outrageous! They kept finding photos of various-sized male genitalia, then shouted ‘Yes!’ or ‘No!!!’ as they rated whether or not each could … er, ‘meat’ the criteria!”