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Caged Cosby Calling For Dead Daughter!

Insiders Say The 82-Year-Old Sex Fiend’s Mind Is Fading Fast.

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Convicted creep Bill Cosby is so riddled with dementia that he is convinced his dead daughter, Ensa, is still alive!

That’s the shocking revelation from insiders close to the crumbling caged comic, who has somehow forgotten his daughter’s death from renal failure in February 2018 at age 44!

“Bill will call Camille from the prison phone and ask how Ensa is doing,” an insider said. “It leads to an awkward silence, then his memory clears — and he reels over her death all over again!”

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Sources reported that the humiliation of being thrown behind bars after being convicted of drugging and assaulting Andrea Constand has wreaked havoc on the 82-year-old’s physical and mental capacities!

Cosby’s faculties have declined rapidly since arriving at Pennsylvania’s Phoenix State Correctional Facility in September, according to sources.

“Bill’s getting worse,” the insider snitched. “He’s in a constant fog now!”

Sources spilled that people in Cosby’s inner circle try to tell him he’s hurting himself by insisting that none of them visit him in the slammer, and that they believe personal contact of that kind would help him with his memory and keep him in touch with the real world. “But he’s sworn he’d never let his family see him in a prison uniform!” the source said.

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The time behind bars has diminished the once pompous serial sleaze, according to sources.

“He needs a guy to walk him around because he’s legally blind, and they have to remind him what day it is and when to eat!” the source spilled.

The star of Ghost Dad, who did not respond to our request for comment, is “a shell of the man who arrived at prison last fall!”