Bill Cosby Is The King of Cons!

“Mr. Popular” has a range of luxuries afforded to him, a source said.

Caged creep Bill Cosby is America’s most pampered prisoner, sources said — the convicted sex predator is idolized and treated like a VIP behind bars, despite being held in a maximum-security lockup!

The revelation is likely to spark outrage after 81-year-old Cosby — now inmate NN7687 — was caught duping starstruck prison staff to cater to his every whim.

In an explosive dossier containing internal emails and official documents obtained exclusively by The National ENQUIRER through the Freedom of Information Act, as well as a firsthand account from a former inmate, it is revealed Cosby:

  • Dines as if he’s staying at a five-star hotel by scarfing down bonus commissary orders because he refuses to chow on typical prison food.
  • Is free to watch TV in his cell and access private emails with a personal computer tablet to burn time since he’s refusing to lift a finger and work for 40 cents an hour.
  • Has the Pennsylvania governor’s office checking in on him daily while prison administrators work to repair his shattered reputation by feeding information to select media outlets!

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