Bill Cosby’s Love Child DNA Bombshell!

Prison items could prove he’s the daddy.

Bill Cosby in Suit Looking Left at Inset of Emon Waller, Inset Of Toothbrush With An Inset of Camille Cosby Below Emon
AMI/Backgrid; Getty Images (2)

Caged creep Bill Cosby has been caught up in a new DNA scandal after his personal items — which could prove the pervert secretly fathered multiple love children — were smuggled out of prison!

Now, sources told The National ENQUIRER the disgraced comedian’s toothbrush, clothing and beanie hats taken from SCI Phoenix prison may doom his marriage to long-suffering wife Camille, who has been publicly supporting the 81-year-old sex fiend since he was sent away for drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand in 2004.

BillCosby's DOC items Toothbrush, Shorts, Socks, Beanies , Cap and D.O.C. T-Shirt

Among Bill Cosby’s DOC items taken: toothbrush, pants, socks, cap, beanie hats and D.O.C. T-Shirt. Photo: AMI

The items might contain DNA evidence that can be lab tested against samples from two people who claim they’re Cosby’s love children. If the results confirm Cosby’s paternity, sources said Camille might finally walk away from the man she married in 1964!

Last year, The ENQUIRER reported the existence of a possible love child Cosby allegedly fathered with Mary Waller, who in the ’80s served as his “business manager” on a $2 million-a-year salary. When our reporter approached Mary’s son, Emon Waller, now 34, he confirmed he wanted Cosby to submit a DNA test.

Emon Waller in Blue Best Buy Shirt

Emon Waller, son of Mary Waller, Cosby’s former “Business Manager.” Photo: AMI/Backgrid

Back in 1997, The ENQUIRER was the first to report about Cosby’s affair that resulted in the 1974 birth of Autumn Jackson! If Cosby is proven to be Emon’s dad, Camille will pinch the former Jell-O pitchman for everything he’s got, according to insiders.

 Autumn Jackson, right, with her mother Shaun Thompson Both Wearing White

Autumn Jackson, right, with her mother Shaun Thompson. Photo: MEGA

“There’s only so much more shame and humiliation she can take,” a source said.

The star, who did not respond to our request for comment, is aware of the DNA prison break, according to another source, and has given staffers orders to head off potential legal ammunition for Camille.

“He wants all resources on deck to stop any DNA testing because that’ll completely ruin the little life he has left,” the source said.