Mike Walker

Angelina To Kids: No Calling Brad Without Permission

Brutal divorce battle creates new rules!

angelina jolie brad pitt divorce

Mike Walker Reports… Divorcing Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are finally blah-blah-ing a bit as their mega-vicious split drags on!

But the Big Bad Momma just slapped her sharp-clawed paws down and hissed an edict down to her kids: No more keeping your phones 24/7 and calling Daddy Brad without permission!

Said My Brangie Babbler: “It’s so sad! Brad literally cries himself to sleep because she won’t allow the six tykes — 8 through 15 — any unsupervised phone/face time, despite [Angelina] admitting on TV that he’s ‘a wonderful father!’”

So … what the hell???

Sighed my source: “Angie’s dead-set against it, feeling it thrusts the kids into adult situations too early — and suspects Brad’s trying to parent them from afar!”