303-Lb. Garth Brooks: Diet Now – Or Die!

Scale-crushing country star can barely move around stage.

On Left Garth Brooks Wearing Tuxedo In 2015, On Right Garth Brooks Performing Wearing T-shirt in 2019
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Tubby country legend Garth Brooks needs to diet — or face almost certain death, friends fear.

The “Thunder Rolls” singer was seen wheezing during recent performances as he struggled to move around the stage, looking nothing like the fit football and baseball player he was in his younger days!

Doctors believe the 57-year-old star has packed on at least 30 pounds in the last year and is now smashing the scales at more than 300.

“He’s risking his health and his life by carrying around this kind of weight at his age,” said diet and nutrition expert Dr. Stuart Fischer, who estimates Garth is carrying around 303 pounds.

“He’s put himself at risk of at least 65 different serious diseases, including 12 different kinds of cancer, and a heart attack!”

Garth’s wider waistline comes on the heels of a New Year’s pledge to lose weight reportedly made by the performer and his wife, Trisha Yearwood. But insiders said the chubby lovebirds have failed miserably in their quest to slim down.

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Songbird Trisha, 54, gained a staggering 43 pounds last year, pushing her own weight to nearly 200 pounds, sources said.

“Trisha’s a cookbook author and Food Network star, and she’s too good at both for them to stop eating,” an insider snitched. “Also, Garth doesn’t work out anymore.”

Insiders said the “Shameless” singer is now talking about getting gastric bypass surgery.

Garth did not respond to a request for comment. But Dr. Fischer believes the star’s eating habits may have already done him in.

“Gastric surgery is a temporary fix,” said Dr. Fischer. “It will help him lose weight in the short term, but he may still have blockages in his arteries and heart.

“That damage can’t be undone.”

And Dr. Fischer is not alone in his dire diagnosis. “Garth is clearly storing a great deal of fat in his belly, leaving him at high risk for diabetes and stroke!” said longevity expert Dr. Gabe Mirkin.

“Bypass surgery causes immediate weight loss, but it loses its effect with time,” he warned.

“So if he does not change his diet immediately, he will regain all the weight he loses from the surgery and could die prematurely of a heart attack or stroke!”

The doctors quoted in this story have not treated Garth Brooks.