Weight For It...!

Garth & Trisha’s Fat-Busting New Year’s Resolution

Couple hires diet guru after reaching 600 lbs. combined!

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood — tired of having to wear black to mask their combined scale-crushing 600-pound weight at public events — have hired a diet coach in a desperate attempt to peel off pounds! “Garth and Trisha’s goal is to trim off 50 pounds right after New Year’s and then continue to lose the flab until they’re at a healthy weight,” an insider deep dished to The National ENQUIRER. Country king Garth and songbird wife Trisha had been trying to lose weight on their own, but only got heftier, sources say. So they turned to an expert who is “teaching them all the nutritional facts, how to pair foods and which foods to avoid,” the insider spilled. Read on for details of Garth & Trish’s 2019 diet, and click here for more news of dieting celebrities….