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This Guy Is Branching Out — Literally!

Man with a rare skin disorder is turning into a tree!

Man With Rare Skin Disease — His Hands Look Like Tree Branches
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Meet the real-life Groot — a weird disease is turning Abul Bajandar into a tree!

But unlike Vin Diesel’s character from the 2014 sci-fi hit “Guardians of the Galaxy,” Abul’s condition isn’t a superpower. It’s the result of an immune system defect. Called epidermodysplasia verruciformis, it grows wart-like lesions resembling gnarled branches and bark on his hands and feet!

The 30-year-old “Tree Man” has suffered from the rare skin disorder since he was 10 years old, and doctors in his native Bangladesh are still researching how to treat it.

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Once a rickshaw driver, Abul had to quit his job as his disease worsened. Today, the father of one can’t even lift a fork or brush his teeth!

“Initially, I thought that (the lesions) were harmless,” Abul recalled. “But slowly, I lost all my ability to work.”

After he attracted attention in his village and beyond, big-city doctors learned of his ailment and offered to perform surgery at no cost.

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“Popularly, it is known as ‘tree man’ disease,” explained Dhaka Medical College and Hospital’s Dr. Samanta Lal Sen. “As far as we know, there are three such cases in the world.”

Abul will have surgery to remove the growths — which weigh more than 11 pounds — and it will be paid for by the state.

“The surgery is a lengthy process and will involve many (operations),” claimed Dr. Sen. “The whole process can take up to six months.”

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Abul’s sister, Adhuri, said “Tree Man” has drawn countless gawkers. “Even here at the hospital, hundreds have already gathered,” she noted.

And that’s how the Tree Man of Bangladesh captured a spot on our Odd List!