Odd List: A Cat Walks Into A Bar …

Bar cat sq

One lucky Louisiana kitty is living a purr-fect existence – regularly pounding down free shots of 100-proof fresh whipped cream at his favorite New Orleans bar!

Mr. Wu has become something of a local celebrity as a beloved regular at the bar of Molly’s at the Market, located in the city’s French Quarter.

Parched visitors dropping in to wet their whistles are often surprised to find themselves bellying up next to a thirsty cat perched on a stool – with his paws wrapped around his daily dose of creamy comfort!

Legend has it that Mr. Wu was just a confused kitten when he first wandered through the door and turned Molly’s into “Meowlly’s.”

That was in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina devastating the city in 2005.

The cool cat customer has stopped by to drink away the memories ever since, hanging around the bar and keeping any secrets of his previous life to himself.

The staff, however, pointed out that Mr. Wu doesn’t take kindly to being petted – unless you buy him a drink first.

And that’s how Mr. Wu drank himself to the top of this week’s Odd List!