Odd List: Killer In Their Midst

Odd list killer in their midst ne short

Two tourists were nearly crushed like a couple of tiny seashells by a 50,000 pound humpback whale when they signed up for a kayak tour of Monterey Bay in California.

London adventurers Charlotte Kinloch and Tom Mustill paddled out with a whale-watching tour group and were practically poleaxed by one of the most enormous creatures of the deep.

Like a scene from a horror movie, one of the massive 50-foot sea monsters rocketed out of the water and blocked out the sky above Charlotte and Tom — before descending like a terrifying 50,000 pound depth charge!

“The only thing my brain registered was … that when it came down, I was going to die!” said Tom.

The whale grazed their kayak — but narrowly missed the two paddlers, who were catapulted like swim toys into the surf!

“It felt like being in an avalanche, like a bus landing on us,” Charlotte recalled of the colossal collision.

The terrified kayakers surfaced, saw each other and instantly burst out laughing — “because we didn’t know what else to do,” said Tom.

Their fellow whale watchers were able to paddle the lucky survivors to shore as the enormity of their near-miss hit them like, well, a humpback whale.

“At the dock we started to shake,” Tom said. “We agreed that no one would believe us, and they didn’t, until a video popped up online.”

The locals have no idea why the massive mammal breached directly onto Charlotte and Tom.

“One should realize that humpback whales are wild animals and totally unpredictable,” said Captain Mike Sack of Sanctuary Cruises. “I am now left with a question: Did the whale do it on purpose?”

Fortunately, both Tom and Charlotte were unharmed and able to tell this whopper of a fish tale, which tops this week’s Odd List!