Moral Outrage!

WATCH: ‘Sick And Tired’ Hillary Erupts At Bill Clinton Rape Protester

Candidate caught on shocking video!

Hillary Clinton made it clear she was not pleased after a protester shouted that her husband was a rapist!

As seen in the video above, Hillary was speaking at a Florida rally when a demonstrator interrupted her.

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“Bill Clinton is a rapist!” the protester yelled. The crowd began booing and Hillary’s attitude immediately shifted to fury. ,

“You know, I am sick and tired of the negative, dark, divisive vision from people who support Donald Trump,” she yelled as the crowd cheered her on.

“We are not going backwards, we are going forwards!” she yelled, allegedly pointing at the protester.

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She did not make it a point to defend Bill or the multiple allegations of sexual against her famously unfaithful husband.

Instead, Hillary continued campaigning while the protester — who was wearing a Trump shirt — was ejected. Watch the candidate’s wild reaction in the video above!