Serial Abuser!

Jerry Sandusky — Penn State Child Molester Denied Appeal

Pervert set to stay in prison!

Jerry sandusky penn state child molester
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Jerry Sandusky — the pervert coach protected by Coach Joe Paterno and other Penn State officials — has been denied a new trial while appealing multiple counts of child sex abuse.

Sandusky made a ruin of Penn State’s reputation when his serial child molestation came to light in 2011, along with efforts by Penn State brass to cover up his evil acts.

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Disgraced athletic director Tim Curley and university vice president Gary Schultz both entered guilty pleas on endangering the welfare of children.

Former assistant football coach Mike McQueary had testified that both Curley and Schultz had refused to act after he caught Sandusky molesting an underage boy in the Penn State showers.

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The denial on the appeal came just a month after Sandusky’s son Jeffrey pled guilty to 14 counts of child sexual abuse.

“Today,” said Attorney General Josh Shapiro, “the Court denied Jerry Sandusky relief under the Post Conviction Relief Act. We achieved justice for the victims in this case and are confident that these convictions will continue to stand.”