State Shame!

Penn State University President Doing Time Over Kiddie-Sex Cover Up

Sandusky scandal catches up with corrupt officials!

Jerry sandusky penn state sex scandal
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The former President of Penn State University was sentenced to two months in prison for child endangerment in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky scandal!

Graham Spanier was indicted on misdemeanor charges and was sentenced along with former Penn State vice president Gary Schultz and athletic director Tim Curley for their roles in covering up Sandusky’s sick history of child molestation on the Penn State campus.

Schultz and Curley were also found guilty of child endangerment and will serve time behind bars.

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None of the men acted on an accusation by former Penn State assistant coach Mike McQueary that Sandusky abused a teenage boy in a bathroom in 2001.

Sandusky, the former Nittany Lions’ football coach under Joe Paterno, was arrested in 2011 — and is serving a 60-year sentence on charges that he sexually assaulted ten boys!

State prosecuting attorney Laura Ditka claimed Spanier “tried to protect his reputation and the reputation of his friends and the reputation of the University above the well-being of some innocent children.”

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”I am very remorseful I did not comprehend the severity of the situation,” said Curley at his sentencing. “I sincerely apologize to the victims and to all who were impacted because of my mistake.”

“It really sickens me to think I might have played a part in children being hurt. I’m sorry that I didn’t do more, and I apologize to the victims,” added Schultz.

The three men will serve their remaining penalties under house arrest following the completion of their sentences.