Looming Threats!

ISIS Terrorists Infiltrate Airlines To Plot New 9/11

Mechanic charged with sabotaging a plane.

American Airlines Planes in Miami
American Airlines Plane

America’s airlines have been infiltrated by terrorists posing as employees in an evil plot to create a new 9/11 horror!

Experts said the arrest of American Airlines mechanic Abdul-Majeed Ahmed Alani for sabotaging the navigation system of a Boeing 737 at Miami International Airport is frightening evidence of the industry’s lax security.

Alani is an Iraqi-born U.S. citizen, whose brother is allegedly a trained ISIS terrorist. Incredibly, Alani reportedly had been fired from a different airline for a series of screwups. He’s not currently facing any terror-related charges.

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“He never should’ve gotten that job,” said aviation terrorism expert Jeff Price, who added that there are 750,000 U.S. airport workers but no centralized FBI system to vet them.

While America’s Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has a $7.78 million annual budget, airline security breaches continue to mount. In 2013, a technician was arrested as he tried to plant what he thought was a bomb at a Wichita airport. He told an undercover agent he wanted to carry out a jihad for Al Qaeda.

In 2014, a Delta Air Lines baggage handler was arrested and convicted for helping smuggle guns on flights. And in 2017, undercover TSA agents passed explosives, weapons or drugs through a security checkpoint manned by civilian employees at a Minneapolis airport in 16 out of 17 attempts!

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“They’re hiring the wrong people,” said security consultant and former police officer Paul Huebl. “When they start using highly trained people or former law enforcement agents licensed to carry guns, the breaches of security will decrease dramatically.”

Price said Alani’s arrest should serve as a wake-up call to take security more seriously “because the threat is still out there.”