Starving Artist!

Aaron Hernandez: Prison Cell Blood Drawings

Murderer left work of art on wall of his cell!

aaron hernandez
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More clues and questions have been unearthed regarding the state of mind of suicidal murderer Aaron Hernandez.

Although the official autopsy report found no illegal drugs in his system, new discoveries have been found in his jail cell.

The medical examiner dismissed reports that the fallen football star had traces of synthetic marijuana aka “K2” in his system, even though he was in possession of it when he died.

Investigators also found several homemade “weapons” in his cell in addition to the original three suicide notes found placed next to his Bible.

But the most fascinating discovery found in Hernandez’ cell was the artwork he left behind on its walls — in his own blood!

Aaron Hernandez To Be Declared Innocent After Suicide

Though probably not on the level of Leonardo Da Vinci, one of the drawings discovered was the illustration that appears on the back of the U.S. dollar bill of “the unfinished pyramid” and “the all-seeing eye of God.”

He also scrawled the word “ILLUMINATI” in capital letters under the pyramid with sun rays jetting out from its edges!

The word “ILLUMINATI” is a reference to a “mythical secret society” of rich and powerful people, and has been a target of conspiracy theorists for centuries.

Many celebrities ranging from Warren Buffet to Jay Z and Beyoncé are believed to be card-carrying members, as well as many former U.S. Presidents.

Hernandez hung himself in his prison cell on April 19, and was found with the bible verse “John 3:16” scribbled across his forehead.

He also had red cross markings on his hands and feet to signify the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.