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Aaron Hernandez: Inside His Secret Gay Sex Life

NFL killer's bisexuality probed as murder motive!

aaron hernandez
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Of the many mysteries surrounding Aaron Hernandez’s life, there is one he didn’t want getting out — he was bisexual!

The former football star was convicted in April 2015 for murdering his friend, Odin Lloyd, who was dating Hernandez’s fiance’s sister at the time.

Multiple law enforcement officials involved in the case say Lloyd had damning information about his murderer’s closeted sex life — and the intimate relationship he allegedly had with a former male high school classmate!

They also confirmed his former lover was interviewed by police after Lloyd’s murder, and forced to testify in front of a grand jury.

Shortly before his arrest, Hernandez had transferred large sums of money into three separate accounts for his fiancée, his daughter and his lover!

A co-defendant in the case, Ernest Wallace, told detectives Lloyd had called Hernandez a “schmoocher,” which was taken as a gay slur. Lloyd knew Hernandez had a complicated sex life and could make that information public, according to Wallace.

Aaron Hernandez — NFL Killer’s Brutal Prison Letters

He was recorded during a jailhouse visit saying he would not have helped Hernandez get rid of the murder weapon if he had known he was a “limp wrist,” said prison sources. Wallace is currently serving time in prison for “accessory to murder” charges.

The former NFL tight end was unable to leave behind the gang mentality he had growing up.

In July 2012, when a fellow patron accidentally spilled a drink on Hernandez in a Boston night club and didn’t apologize he later pumped five bullets into the man’s car from the passenger seat of the vehicle he was riding in — killing two men!

Hernandez was recently acquitted in the case, lest than a week before taking his life in his jail cell.

His prison boyfriend, to whom one of his three suicide notes was left, is currently on around-the-clock suicide watch.