Prince Harry Fears He’ll Be A Bad Dad – Like Charles!

The new father turns to therapy for support.

Prince Harry Prince Charles Meghan Markle
MEGA; Getty Images

Petrified Prince Harry has thrown himself into therapy over fears he will be just as horrible a father as his daddy, Charles!
“Harry is terrified he will be a failure as a father,” a royal insider snitched. “He wants to be a better man than what he saw in Prince Charles — but he’s not sure he has the strength!”

Harry’s American bride, Duchess Meghan of Sussex, gave birth to Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor on May 6. Now, Harry is desperately seeking support to ensure he can be the best father he can be.

The young prince still harbors deep resentment over his dad’s attitude toward him — going all the way back to the moment he was born! His troubled mother, Princess Diana, once confessed that her husband’s cold treatment of her and their children drove her to therapy, too. She said she felt “closed off” by Charles’ callous rejection of Harry, who was rumored to be the product of an affair with redheaded cavalry officer James Hewitt!

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Diana said Charles, who had wanted their second child to be a girl, sneered when he first laid eyes on Harry: “Oh God, it’s a boy! And he’s even got red hair.” She added: “Something inside me closed off.”

“Harry was horrified to learn of his father’s comments through his long-suffering mother,” the royal insider said. “When he learned that Meghan was pregnant, he was filled with joy. But then came the horrible fear that he would inherit the same traits in parenting that his father possessed.”

Harry has a long list of grievances against his dad. He told pals Charles showed an absolute lack of empathy after his mother died. And he was horrified that he and his older brother, Prince William, were forced to walk behind Diana’s coffin at her 1997 funeral!

“Harry needed love from Charles and didn’t find any,” the source said. “He never wants to repeat those mistakes.”
That’s when Meghan suggested that Harry talk it out with a professional!

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Meghan has been a huge help to him,” the source spilled. “Harry’s very much into wellness and mental health now, thanks to his wife’s influence and their joint involvement in mental health charities. “It has been a great comfort to him after the birth of his child.”

Harry is also hoping to head off the baby blues that tormented his mother after she gave birth. Diana admitted she was crippled by depression after both boys were born.

“You’d wake up in the morning feeling you didn’t want to get out of bed,” she confessed. “You felt misunderstood, and just very, very low in yourself.”

Harry hopes therapy will break the chain of bad parenting. “He is hoping therapy will help him be the finest father he has ever seen in the royal family,” the insider added. “His father failed him and his mother — and he has no intention of doing the same to Archie or Meghan!”