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Meghan Markle hits Harry With Booze Ban

Duchess wants to increase her chances of conceiving.

Inset Prince Harry Drinking From A Beer Bottle, Meghan Markle Wearing Blue Coat Dress Looking Left At Inset
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Baby-crazy Duchess Meghan wants hubby Prince Harry to lay off the sauce to increase her odds of getting knocked up, palace sources told The National ENQUIRER.

“Meghan is keeping herself in top-notch condition physically so they can have a chance at conceiving a second child,” an insider snitched. “But she’s frustrated Harry doesn’t seem to be taking the same precautions.”

Though son Archie is only five months old, insiders said the royals are ready to try for kid No. 2.

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Sources told The ENQUIRER that Harry, 35, loves to chug down suds with his pals at the pub — but 38-year-old Meghan wants to cut him off.

She’s heard boozing can affect fertility for women and men, according to a source.

“So she’s demanding Harry knock it off because she doesn’t want him to do anything that will lessen their chances of conceiving,” the insider said. “It’s causing some real tension between them!”