Queen Snubs Harry & Meghan

Monarch ‘too busy’ for baby Archie’s Christening.

Inset of Meghan Markle in Trenchcoat With Prince Harry in White Shirt And Tan Suit, Queen Elizabeth in Royal Dress With Crown
Getty Images; MEGA

Livid Queen Elizabeth is fed up with the rude rule-breaking antics of Prince Harry’s rebel wife, Meghan — and is disowning her redheaded grandson and his Hollywood harpy, The National ENQUIRER has learned.

In a shockingly public confirmation of the royal family’s split, Her Majesty announced she will NOT attend the christening of their first child, Archie!

Baby Archie in White Knit Cap

Newborn Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor on May 6, 2019 Photo: Getty Images

“You can push the queen only so far — and loose cannon Meghan’s overshot her limit,” a high-level palace aide dished in a bombshell world exclusive.

“Her Majesty has tried to get Meghan to toe the royal line since she married Harry last year, but the American keeps doing whatever she wants. “The monarch is, frankly, done with Meghan’s freewheeling ways!”

After reaching her breaking point, the 93-year-old queen ordered a senior courtier to confront the new parents, tattled the aide.

“The courtier conveyed this shocking message to the diva duchess and Harry: ‘You want to do your own thing, without royal rules? Go ahead! But there will be no royal money, either. Her Majesty is disowning you. You are both dead to us now!’” the aide reported.

“The couple was stunned and blindsided, but it’s their own fault!

“Meghan’s done nothing but thumb her nose at royal protocol, and Harry has refused to rein her in.” The simmering royal tensions finally exploded when the Duchess of Sussex, 37, rudely boycotted President Donald Trump’s state visit to London in June, infuriating and embarrassing Queen Elizabeth, the aide said.

Queen Elabeth Wearing A Pink Suit and Hat With Donald Trump in Blue Suit, White Shirt and Blue and White Striped Tie

Queen Elizabeth and President Donald Trump at the D-Day75 National Commemorative Event at Southsea Common, Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK. Photo: MEGA

“Meghan detests Trump and was furious when he called her ‘nasty’ just before his visit, but the queen didn’t care. She demands crown and country come before personal feelings,” added an insider.

“She didn’t buy Meghan’s excuse that she was still recovering from Archie’s May 6 birth.”

Just five days after being a no-show at the queen’s banquet for America’s commander-in-chief — which Prince Harry, 34, attended — Meghan put herself in the spotlight again at London’s Trooping the Colour parade that celebrates the queen’s official birthday.

“That was another disaster!” sniffed a source.

Prince Harry in Uniform wth Meghan Markle turning her head towards him

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan attend Trooping the Colour at Buckingham Palace, London. Photo: MEGA

“Meghan and Harry joined the royal family on the Buckingham Palace balcony for the traditional fly-over, but they were placed near the rear.
“I’m told Meghan kept looking back to complain to Harry that no one in the crowd could see her.

“Her Majesty was so infuriated by Meghan’s lack of manners, she decided to give her a dose of her own medicine by snubbing Archie’s christening at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor in July.”

The queen’s staff announced, “Her Majesty is too busy to attend baby Archie’s christening” due to “prior engagements,” delivering a shocking slap in the face to the diva duchess!

“That excuse is nonsense! Harry and Meghan would have picked a different day, so the queen could be there. No, they’re being punished!” the insider said.

The former “Suits” star’s impossible demands and hoity-toity behavior have caused staffers to quit and sparked a bitter rift between once-inseparable Harry and his big brother, Prince William.

High-and-mighty Meghan’s list of no-nos has included spending an outrageous $650,000 on designer clothes to outshine sister-in-law Kate, a lavish $500,000 star-studded New York baby shower and a pro-Meghan-approved U.S. documentary.