'80s Decadence!

Princess Diana’s Daring Gay Romp With Freddie Mercury

Beloved royal's legendary night out — after watching 'The Golden Girls!'

Princess Diana dressed in drag to party with legendary Queen frontman Freddie Mercury — as Prince Charles’ estranged wife escaped the royals as her marriage began to fall apart! British star Cleo Rocos had gotten close to Diana as a regular on the hit ’80s program “The Kenny Everett Television Show,” and had recruited her royal pal to come along for a wild night in London. At the time, Diana already had her own secrets as she found comfort from Charles by secretly meeting up with Major James Hewitt. Her husband, of course, was already resuming his longtime romance with Camilla Parker-Bowles. Diana still ended up with a new secret as she finally began to go out more with Cleo and her showbiz boss Kenny. The threesome would often meet at the trendy Bombay Brasserie club where, Cleo recalled, “We would tell her all the hottest show business news, and she would tell us the Palace gossip, and we’d shriek with laughter!” But on one particularly wild night, the three went on to Kenny’s penthouse apartment, where Freddie would stop by and convince Diana to hit the gay bar circuit…