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Betty White Vs. Bea Arthur — Showbiz’s Biggest Bully

How their vicious feud turned 'The Golden Girls' set into a living hell!

Betty White is one of Hollywood’s most beloved stars — but endured years of vicious abuse from costar Bea Arthur! Insiders say that shooting “The Golden Girls” was a secret misery for Betty, who was finally driven to hating her fellow actress! “Bea made Betty’s life a living hell,” revealed an insider. “There was no reason for it, except that Bea couldn’t stand it that Betty was so nice!” The twosome played friends and housemates on television, but their real-life feud went on until Bea died at the age of 86 in 2009! That’s the sickest secret behind the long-running show, which aired from 1985 to 1992 and centered on four women living together in Florida in their golden years. “Bea and Betty were very different people,” a Hollywood insider told The National ENQUIRER. “You’d think sweet, sweet Betty could get along with just about anyone — but she ran into someone she couldn’t please in Bea Arthur…”