Tell-All Shocker!

Mel B’s Sex, Drugs & Plastic Surgery

Spicy memoir exposes dark and dirty truths!

Mel B has opened up about her pill-popping suicide attempt, abusive ex-husband and the emotional and psychological hell she endured during their ten-year marriage! In her no-holds-barred memoir, “Brutally Honest,” the sexy but scarred “America’s Got Talent” judge also revealed she picked out a celebrity to date after seeing his “junk” on a secret website! For years, “Scary Spice” and then-hubby Stephen Belafonte seemed to enjoy a millionaire lifestyle, but behind it all, Mel claims Stephen controlled her life, making sex tapes to blackmail her into staying with him. Read on for the juiciest tidbits from Mel B’s book, and click here for more highlights from celebrity memoirs….