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Money Hungry Meghan Turns Back On America

Harry’s bride tossing citizenship to avoid U.S. taxes!

Meghan Markle shamefully plans to turn her back on America and throw away her U.S. citizenship — with the urging and blessing of Britain’s royal family — all because of money! A highly placed source at the U.S. Internal Revenue Service told The National ENQUIRER that Prince Harrys bride, who’s worth an estimated $5 million, “is still an American citizen, so she has to pay tax in the U.S., and this could extend to anyone else she draws money from — including her husband.” That puts Harry’s $450,000 yearly allowance and reportedly additional $2 million from his dad Charles in the IRS’ crosshairs, along with any dough funneled to the couple from Harry’s grandma Queen Elizabeth, say sources.   Read on for details of Meghan’s money minded maneuvers, and click here for more royal gossip….