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Kanye Starts New Showbiz Feuds Over Kim Kardashian Sex Talk

'Don’t be making suggestions like nobody f--ked my wife!'

Kanye West is back in Chicago and back to his old tricks — going online with ranting videos where he blasted Nick Cannon and model Tyson Beckford, and even went after Drake again over rumors about Kim Kardashian’s sex life! The controversial rapper went to Instagram to vent over recent events that go back to speculation that Drake and Kim Kardashian had an affair. Plenty of people speculated that the “Kiki” mentioned in Drake’s hit “In My Feelings” was a call-out to Kim. Mariah Carey’s ex Nick, who also used to date Kim, stirred things further when he refused to dismiss the idea, saying: “There is something real personal Drake holds over that whole family.” In the series of videos, Kanye announced that he was ready “to express some things that were not sitting right with [his] spirit,” and added in some choice comments about Tyson recently blasting Kim’s body as “not real!”