Jimmy Kimmel: Most-Hated Host In Late-Night Television!

The frequent feuds that has Hollywood seething over the Academy Awards!

Jimmy Kimmel made it to the Oscars, but the late-night host is the most hated man in Hollywood! “Jimmy’s got a reputation among a lot of stars as being too smug for his own good,” a Tinseltown insider told The National ENQUIRER. “They just plain don’t like him! He’s seen as coming in a distant third behind the other late night hosts, Jimmy Fallon on NBC’s ‘The Tonight Show’ and Stephen Colbert on CBS!” There’s even a web page that poses the question: “Why do people dislike Jimmy Kimmel?” The host of ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” has tried to maintain a “nice guy” image in public, but he’s waged numerous feuds with other celebs, notably Jay Leno and rapper Kanye West