Matt Damon Hog-Tied On Great Wall Of China!

Gos matt damon hog tied on great wall of china ne short

Oscar winner Matt Damon was literally fit to be tied as he lay bound in painfully tight, coarse ropes “like a hog waiting to be butchered,” while camera and tech crew idiots argued endlessly about … LIGHTING!?

A source on the Beijing, China, set of his new flick, “The Great Wall,” revealed: “Matt’s known as one of the nicest stars in Hollywood, usually a total pleasure on the set – but after patiently sitting trussed up in mounting pain for damn near an hour, he freaked and totally LOST IT! Furious, he yelled, ‘Is there no consideration for ME! I’ve been sitting here hog-tied like a f–king animal while you try to get lighting right? I’m writhing in PAIN while you guys keep f–king around! Either you shoot this goddamn scene RIGHT NOW – or untie me this instant!’”

After a millisecond of shocked silence, the set exploded with action, the scene quickly got shot and Matt was finally untied.

But still absolutely livid, he stormed off the set, rubbing raw rope burns and raging, “‘THANKS A LOT!’”