J-Lo Ultimatum!

Jennifer Lopez Out To Get Drake In Shape

Wants new man to drop pounds ASAP!

Drake jennifer lopez breakup
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The hot romance between Jennifer Lopez and Drake has apparently gone stone cold – and insiders say that they’re feuding over his ballooning weight!

“Jen’s last man was a six-pack-stacked dancern while Drake’s totally averse to exercise — and it shows,” a longtime pal tells The National ENQUIRER.

“She’s told him he needs to be in tip-top shape to appear on her arm!”

Jennifer Lopez Caught Turning Back The Clock

As the ENQUIRER previously reported, the pair had been talking marriage, with the rapper even arranging a romantic prom for the “Shades of Blue” star.

Now Drake is working with a brutal boot camp trainer, said the source.

“She’s got very high standards, and Drake’s just a bit too flabby for her liking.”

“He can’t stand it — but he knows he’s lucky to be in the same room as her, so he’s doing what he’s told!”