'Not Moral!'

Julie Chen Blasted By Disgraced Husband’s Bitter Ex-Wife

'The Talk' host defended Les Moonves after breaking up CBS boss' marriage!

Julie Chen stood by her husband Les Moonves as the CBS boss becames the latest media star to be accused of sexual harassment! She even quickly left her role heading up the panel on the network’s popular “The Talk.” That was shortly after the powerful media mogul — who served as Chairman of the Board, President, and Chief Executive Officer at the television empire — announced that he was leaving his position after a series of sex scandals. That included journalist Ronan Farrow exposing multiple accusations of him sexually harassing CBS employees. Julie, however, was quick to publicly distance her husband from the ranks of other disgraced showbiz figures — saying in a statement that Moonves is “a kind, decent and moral human being.” Moonves, however, was married to another woman when he first met Julie, and the bitter ex-spouse has her own opinions about Les, Julie, and morality!