Mike Walker

Julie Chen Keeps CBS Boss Husband In His Own Lane

Risks the walk if he talks 'The Talk'

julie chen les moonves married cbs
julie chen les moonves married cbs

Mike Walker reports…. “The Talk” co-host Julie Chen proved who’s the boss — before office hours, anyway — and seems like it ain’t her network honcho hubby, mega-powerful CBS Prez Les Moonves!

Moonves drives his powerful wifey nuts during those rare times they’re forced to drive to work together!

She confessed: “I don’t even like those few times I’ve had to carpool with my husband!”

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Julie continues: “This is the God’s honest truth: There are times his car’s in the shop, my car’s in the shop, we need to go somewhere right after — and we do not want to have two cars!

“Usually, the time we drive in to the network is our conference call for ‘The Talk,’ when we discuss the day’s topics.

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“Les is network boss, so I always tell him: ‘You can’t weigh in, you can’t talk! Don’t even let them know you’re in the car!’

“But as soon as the conference call’s over, he goes, ‘You know, you guys are asking today’s question the wrong way! You need to do it this way’ — and I’m right away like, ‘Stay in your lane, Mister!’

“He’s got a note on everything! And I’m, like, telling him, ‘Guess what!? If you didn’t hear this meeting, you’d have said later, ‘Hey … Great show today!’ ”