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Cher — Decades Of Secrets & Scandals

How the original pop diva went from fame to seclusion over the decades!

Cher has seen an amazing career that’s taken her from ’60s pop gal to worldwide superstar! Off the stage, however, she’s left a long legacy of secrets and scandals! That’s after decades of a career that lurched to an unlikely start when she first laid eyes on Sonny Bono at a Hollywood Boulevard coffee shop in 1962. “I didn’t even like him that much,” she said. “I just thought, ‘This is the weirdest-looking man I’ve ever seen.’ I mean, he was ugly!” Sonny, a 27-year-old record promoter, was also 11 years Cher’s senior — but he was also in show business, and Cher had ambition. Her family didn’t approve, though, until an 18-year-old Cher informed her mother that the couple had been married in Tijuana. She didn’t tell her mom that the “ceremony” took place in a hotel bathroom. They didn’t legally marry until 1969, when Cher was 23 and pregnant with their daughter Chastity