With a little help from a renowned psychic, Chastity Bono has heard from the spirit of her late father Sonny and her ex-lover Joan Stephens, who died of cancer almost eight years ago!

Knowing that her mom Cher had used famed medium James Van Praagh to contact Sonny’s spirit following his fatal ski accident in 1998, Chastity thought a visit to the Other Side could help her deal with losing Joan.

She visited Van Praagh, author of “Talking to Heaven: A Medium’s Message of Life After Death,” on the set of his Los Angeles television show.

The psychic told Chastity, “I’m just going to give you things I pick up, and hopefully it will make sense to you.” Moments later, after concentrating deeply, he astounded his visitor when he told her:

“Your daddy walked in, and he’s standing here smiling. Your dad is telling me something about you having a piece of metal of his. . . Is this a ring of some sort?”

“Yes, it’s this ring right here,” Chastity answered, displaying the ring.

“I was over at my mom’s house and she brought down all of this jewelry that my dad had given her from the ’60s. I saw this ring that he had worn and asked her if I could borrow it.”

Then Van Praagh announced: “A woman just came in named Joan. Did you go to Hawaii with her?”

“Yes,” Chastity responded.

“She wants to tell you ‘I love you,'” the psychic said. “She wants to say hi to your mom. She wants to thank her, because your mom was there when others weren’t.”

Chastity said, “My mom helped out several times when Joan was sick. I got mono, and we went to stay at my mom’s house for a couple of weeks because I couldn’t take care of her.”

“Do you have a necklace of hers?” Van Praagh asked.

“Yes, this is her necklace,” Chastity said, displaying a cross on a chain around her neck. “I have worn it pretty consistently since her death.”

After the emotional session, Chastity said she was impressed by these messages from the spirit world.

“I believe in it 100 percent,” Chastity said of Van Praagh’s extraordinary psychic powers.

“It doesn’t really surprise me.”