Dying Cher’s Blue Christmas!

Cher is facing her last Christmas, friends fear! Ravaged by a debilitating viral infection, the 69-year-old superstar continued to desperately struggle with life-threatening kidney and heart problems, insiders said.

“The doctors didn’t tell me how sick I was,” the “Believe” singer confessed.

“Cher really believes the end is near,” confided a family pal.

“She’s been giving away many of her possessions, scaring the hell out of everyone.”

The crisis escalated as the holidays approached.

“Christmas is her favorite time, when she gathers all her family and friends around her. But this year she’s very subdued,” said another source.

“She’s going through the motions, decorating her house and planning for about 35 guests, but there’s a feeling of gloom hanging over the festivities.”

The Oscar-winning “Moonstruck” beauty has battled the crippling Epstein-Barr virus since the late ’80s.

The bug left her bedridden for months on end and battling depression.

Even worse, it wreaked havoc on her heart and kidneys.

“It really takes the life out of you,” she admitted.

The virus flared up again in late 2014. Doctors outfitted Cher with a heart monitor. T

he devastated singer was hospitalized and forced to cancel 23 shows on her disastrous D2K concert tour.

Desperate to cheat death, Cher recently traveled to a clinic in Germany to secretly undergo a cutting-edge stem-cell replacement therapy not available in the U.S., sources said.

“Going to Germany was really a Hail Mary pass to find some sort of ‘miracle cure’ for the virus that’s killing her,” a close source said.

“Time is running out. Cher is very aware of it. But she doesn’t want anyone to know exactly how dire her health condition is!”

The stress of dealing with her children also took a toll on the “Mask” actress, who’s reportedly worth $320 million.

She sparked a bitter feud when she forced her son, Elijah Blue Allman, and his new bride, Angie, to leave her Malibu home in 2013 — and didn’t invite them to the family Christmas celebration.

She’s also struggled to accept daughter Chastity’s gender transition to a male named Chaz.

“Some of her fondest memories are opening presents with Sonny and little Chastity,” said a source.

“And there were more happy times after Elijah was born during her brief marriage to rocker Gregg Allman in the ’70s.

“Christmas is very sentimental to her — she still makes sure her mom, Georgia Holt, who’s now 89, is a big part of the celebrations.

“And if the truth be known, she’d admit some of her best Christmas memories were with her boy-toy lover, actor Rob Camilletti, in the ’80s. He was the bagel boy who stole her heart and they’re still close friends.

“Now, as she faces her final days, all Cher wants is to see Chaz happily married and to mend the rift with Elijah. She wants Chaz to find a wife before she dies.

“And she wants to spend one more Christmas with Rob. Seeing him would be bittersweet — so happy he’s there, and sad because it may be for the last time.

“It’s hard to think these could be Cher’s final days. We are praying for her!”