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Candice Bergen’s Bizarre Bond With Her Husband’s Mistresses

'Louis wanted all of us to be one big, happy family,' boasted family friend!

Candice Bergen had an awkward interview with “60 Minutes” at the height of her “Murphy Brown” fame — when the cameras caught the recently-widowed star entertaining one of her husband’s former mistresses! Candice’s husband, noted film director Louis Malle, had passed away in Nov. 1996, and Mike Wallace found Candice being visited by Canadian actress Alexandra Stewart (right photo) at the couple’s home in France. “When I first married,” Candice told Wallace, “I was not so thrilled to have all these other past women in my life.” But she didn’t tell the CBS newsman that Alexandra was more than just a former girlfriend of her husband’s. Alexandra was also the mother of one of Malle’s two children that he’d had out of wedlock! And Malle’s other baby mama told The National ENQUIRER more about how all of the director’s old lovers were insisting on staying “one big happy family…”